About Us


At Play School we are committed to the families/whanau of our centre to employ a high standard of quality trained teaching staff.
Our educators will work in partnership alongside families/whanau to promote and extend the learning and development of each child attending our centre through the provision of quality early childhood education and care.

The Programme

At Play School we are committed to implementing the Early Childhood curriculum, Te Whariki. We provide an inviting programme with opportunities to foster and enhance each child’s own learning. We believe that children learn through play and at Play School their play is valued as meaningful learning. Teachers at Play School will guide and encourage children by providing an environment that is safe and emotionally supportive. Our teachers will provide stimulating and challenging experiences through exploration, movement and communication and will value each child’s contribution. To provide quality programmes that care and educate we believe it is important that there is mutual support and good communication between parents and staff, as working together will make the most of these early experiences for children.

Daily activities will cover the developmental and curriculum areas by implementing a programme that encompasses the following:
Social, Language, Cognitive, Physical, Music and Movement.