We believeā€¦ providing an environment that is positive, nurturing and responsive to children's needs. creating an environment that enables children, to thrive and learn at their own pace. providing an inviting curriculum with opportunities to foster and enhance each child's own learning.

...that each child is an individual, and should be given equal opportunities, irrespective of religion, gender, ethnic identity or socio-economic status. an environment which reflects a variety of cultural experiences and languages, so that each child can acknowledge that all people are different. respecting the boundaries that children set for themselves in terms of challenge and risk taking and where appropriate encourage children to challenge these boundaries.

...that the centre and home should work together to keep children safe from both physical and emotional harm, in a healthy secure environment. providing a warm, welcoming environment for parents, whanau and staff. the importance of communication between staff and parents to enhance children's learning and development the teaching team working alongside each other in a supportive and professional manner. recognising the need for qualified staff and their on-going professional development the value of Te Whariki as the Early Childhood Curriculum and respect the 'Treaty of Waitang'i as a bicultural treaty which respects and gives equity to all people in Aotearoa New Zealand.